Holiday Decor: Gold & White

Can you believe we are exactly one month away from Christmas? How are you all doing with your Christmas shopping. I just started today.. eek!

I've had a lot of fun decorating for the holidays. My husband and I moved into our new home this past year so slowly, but surely, we are starting to fill it with decor that suits both our taste (okay.. so maybe a little more my taste). There are rooms that still have nothing but we figure its better to add furniture slowly so that we can find perfect pieces that we absolutely love.  I thought it would be nice to throw together a little inspiration board for holiday decorating with the colors gold & white of course! Some of the pieces I have actually used in my own home. I also thought it would be nice to show a few pictures of what my holiday decor looks like. I'm not finished yet (hence the missing stockings) but it is what I have so far so enjoy! Also, excuse the ill-lit pictures, it is hard for me to take pictures with natural lighting as it is always dark when I come home from work!

Find the items here:
1. Target wreath $45
2. Target ceramic deer $15
3. Target gold glitter tree $10-15
4. Target candle holders $3-5 (in store only)
5. Target white fluffy tree $10-15
6. Pier 1 gold hanging star (I used mine as a tree topper) $7
7. Target mirror tray
8. Indigo "Enjoy the little things" pillow $40
9. Indigo gold pillow $60
10. Target ivory throw $35

So this list proves that I am just slightly obsessed with Target... 

How are you decorating for the holidays? 


  1. I'm keeping it simple this year, since we will be away. But usually, gold and white also ...with an overload of Christmas decorations all around the Christmas trees in each room..haha. I like green Christmas trees always, as opposed to the white/colored ones, and my ornaments all have meaning and history, most of them are passed down from my mommy.

    Your house looks so festive with very tasteful decor! :)

    1. I love that! I think there is nothing better than having meaningful items around your home, especially when decorating for Christmas! Unfortunately my family wasn't big on Christmas decor and nothing was passed on to me. But my tree skirt was beautifully knit by my best friend's mom. It's one of my favorite things I use to decorate with. You're home sounds so wonderfully decorated!



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