How to Survive a Long Flight

Hi Beauties! I'm checking in from my little Mexico getaway with the hubby. It took 3 planes and 11 hours to get here but it was definitely worth it!

Today I want to share a few tips on how to survive a long flight or multiple layovers. Hopefully this can help you feel comfortable, relaxed and rested during those long flight hours.

1. Comfort is Key: Wear comfortable clothing and easy to remove shoes. I like to wear an outfit with layers so I can adjust accordingly. Think of the plane as a movie theatre - always so cold! It can also be handy to bring a face mask to try and get some shut eye on the flight.

2. Pack Portable Entertainment: Reading material, a good music playlist (don't forget your headphones) or a lap top/ iPad with your favourite movies are all easy ways to help pass the time.

3. Bring Essential Toiletries: There is nothing I hate more than waking up on a flight and not being able to brush my teeth. I usually pack a few essential toiletries such as a toothbrush, toothpaste, contacts case, glasses and makeup remover (or I just don't wear makeup). This is especially important for red eye flights.

Today I wore something super easy and casual for a day at the beach. I paired my 'Mermaid Off Duty' tank with some cut-off jean shorts and the comfiest pair of sandals I could find. I also threw on a hat to protect my face because holy crap, the sun here is fierce!

What do you do to survive long flights? What is your favourite go-to outfit when visiting the beach?

O U T F I T  D E T A I L S:
1. Tank: c/o Population Now
2. Shorts: Levi's c/o Mad Monkey Style
3. Sandals: c/o Sanuk similar
4. Bralette: Victoria's Secret
5. Hat: The Latest Scoop similar
6. Shades: Ray Ban


  1. Yes comfort and layers are so important for travelling - I find planes are always so cold, no matter where you're flying from or to!

    I like your casual beach outfit too, really nice :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  2. Great tips Rina, long haul flights can be SUCH A PAIN and so boring if you aren't properly prepared!

  3. Great post babe! So helpful.
    As for your look, I love it! Those shorts look perfect on you.
    Kisses, Raysa

  4. Nice advices:-)Wonderful photos my dear, I love your top<3

  5. Hola Rina que guapa estás y que fotos más inspiradoras, me encanta tu camiseta y las sandalias. Un fuerte beso.

  6. Great advice. It's always so cold at planes..

    x Sandra

  7. Thanks for the tips! I've never taken a flight as I'm terrified, so I can't give tips, but your outfit is so cute!

    Raindrops of Sapphire

  8. First, I love your shoes! They look so chic! And love the tips you listed for a long flight! I always need a bottle of water and some chewing gums in a fresh flavor! And I also always bring an oversized scarf as it's both chic and adds the comfy! Xx

  9. A great list of essentials. I always make sure I have a good book and a scarf which I can use as an extra blanket.

    Enjoy your time in Mexico.

  10. El look es ideal, me encanta!!

  11. 11 hours! Sounds like eternity. But looking at the images, i can tell it was definitely worth it. Love the look.

  12. Great outfit!


  13. I get bored so easily so I always need to bring some extra entertainment! Thanks for these helpful tips -- I'll need them for my trip to Asia this winter!


    Looks by Lau

  14. Looks like you are having an amazing time! All of these shots are so pretty! You look great girl!

    Amanda |

  15. These are great tips, lady! I hate long flights and being comfy always makes 'em easier. :)

    Le Stylo Rouge

  16. great tips! I love your vacation look!

  17. I remember on my last long flight my headphones were a life saver, I got through a lot of television! And my earpods and eyemask were great to have around, honestly I wouldn't have slept without them as they didn't turn the lights off at night!

  18. These are great tips and you look gorgeous babe, thank you for all your sweet comments Mwah xx

  19. Que fotos mas bonitas, me encantan!
    Muchas gracia por tu cometario en mi blog bonita, te espero por mi nuevo post, besitos!

  20. Great tips beauty, I totally agree with you, comfort is key.

  21. You look amazing darling! Wonderful photos!

  22. This comment has been removed by the author.

  23. Omg long flights are the worst! Totally agree with all your tips! Have fun in Mexico!
    x Emily

  24. I always bring a pareo to the beach, I can wear it so many different ways: dress -skirt- top- turban.


  25. Great tips babe! You're right about comfort. For me, it's everything especially for multiple layovers. Love your look, it's casual and fun. xx

  26. You look beautiful, just like a mermaid!
    I love this advices, thank you for sharing.
    Have a lovely day doll,
    Johanna ❤

  27. Great tips, girl. Love everything about this comfy outfit.

  28. What lens do you use? I love your recent photos babe and hope you're enjoying Mexico!

    Boyu xx

  29. You look so comfy and clean and the place is just amazing!

    x, Kat of Nested Thoughts

  30. Such nice tips for long flight ! I'm gonna to use it in some weeks ! ☺
    I love the message on your top.
    Nice summer casualwear !

  31. Och, amazing outfit!
    Perfect shoes <3

  32. Such great tips! Comfort (and warmth!) are always major keys for me and a long flight. xx

    Audrey Adair-Keene |

  33. Hi beauty,

    This post comes at a perfect time!
    The hubby and I are preparing for a loooooong flight from Amsterdam to Indonesia next month.
    I am already shopping the last summer sales for some denim cut offs and cute tees because in my opinion this is the perfect uniform on a sunny beach.
    I think I am going to stock up like a crazy person lol

    Great travel tips and as always you look stunning even when dressed casual and effortless;)

    Kisses xx

    Tamara Chloé

  34. You are gorgeous! Love your casj styling here lady :)

    Love, Pingkan x

  35. Great tips! I use all of these to survive flights. I especially bring extra items to keep me warm. Planes are so cold, and it's the most miserable thing being freezing on a 10 hour flight. Have fun in Mexico Rina! So excited you are finally there. I know we've been talking about it for a while haha. Yay! Lots of photos please. :)


  36. love your sandals looks so comfortable!

  37. Very helpful post!

    Would you like to follow each other on GFC? Please let me know.

  38. Great tips! I usually wear a skirt or trousers with an elasticated waist for comfort (and I have a belt for when I get on and off the plane so I don't look too awful!) and a cashmere cardi for the cold!
    I love your beach outfit - great shorts!
    Have fun in Mexico!
    Julia x

  39. Good tips.
    When I have long trips a good dose of Benadryl to put me to sleep is my choice ;)

  40. Great tips and I absolutely love your outfit. The hat is so great.

  41. Earlier this year we flew back to Malaysia to spend some time with my family and it was 25 hours in total with layovers. It was so exhausting and we were travelling with a two year old. Entertainment and snacks were our priorities and thankfully the little slept most of the way.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  42. Great and cool tips you've got here dear - I'll keep them in mind for sure :)
    Happy Saturday!
    xx, Carmen -

  43. love this post! i hope you're having a lovely day :D


  44. Loved the tips and i totally agree with layering coz its always so cold inside :/

  45. great post :)
    love your blog! now i follow you on google+,i hope you follow me too!!!kiss

  46. nice post, happy Sunday!

  47. I really like your advices, you look great as always!:)

  48. Great tips! I usually try to stay up so that I am extremely tired and I will end up sleeping on the plane.


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