The Do's and Don'ts of Styling Overalls

Overalls: Similar | Top: Forever 21 | Jacket: Forever 21 similar | Hat: Forever 21 similar | Shades: Ray Ban | Loafers: Nine West similar


Never in a million years did I think I would be wearing overalls in my twenties. It's funny that style is is constantly a revolving door and lately the 90's have been making a huge comeback! 

Today I want to share some Do's and Don'ts for overall styling. Unfortunately, these tips did not apply to me when I wore mine back in grade school =P

  • DO: Select an alternate color, like black rather, than the denim blue when choosing your overalls.
  • DON'T: Select a multi-color tie dye fabric unless you're dressing up as a groovy 70's hipster for a costume party. * Bonus style tip: if you want a splash of color, add a few cute patches to your overalls (see here).
  • DO: Choose a tapered leg for a more up-to-date vibe. 
  • DON'T: Go for bell bottoms or a very shredded hem, you may be mistaken for a scarecrow in your neighbour's yard!
  • DO: Play with your straps. Wear one strap or both straps down by your waist (see above) for a more relaxed look.
  • DON'T: Let the sides of your body suit or underwear show if you opt to try styling this way. 
  • DO: Play with layering. Adding a fun coat or sassy bomber over top of your overalls can really change up your look and add dimension. 
  • DON'T: Layer underneath your overalls. The last thing you want is to look like the abominable snowman with bulky layers!
  • DO: Have fun with your accessories. The right hat or sunglasses can really elevate the chicness  of your styled overalls.
  • DON'T: Overdo your accessories. The overall straps are almost an accessory themselves, therefore you don't want your jewelry or accessories to compete with your outfit. 
On a side note, have any of you seen La La Land? This photoshoot was taken at one of the bridges (Colorado Street Bridge) they filmed at, for any of you movie buffs out there! 

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  1. Ooo I love this post for two reasons! 1. I really love when fashion comes back around and have wanted some overalls for ages and 2. You mentioned LA LA land! I haven't seen it yet but so I want to. I love that they filmed scenes at the Observatory too! Great tip about getting a tapered pair, I think that is key. I hope you have a great week lovely xx

  2. Love the outfit and photos!

  3. Very nice tips my dear! You look gorgeous in this styling, I love your pants :-)

  4. You look so stylish in your overall and the sunglasses and hat takes it to the next level!
    xo Yvonne

  5. Love how you styled these overalls! I want to get one for myself now :) xo, sharon

  6. Great tips as usual!
    These overalls suit you so well, I love the whole ensemble!
    Kisses, Paola.

  7. You look absolutely gorgeous! I love the how you styled it and thanks the tips!

  8. Love your photos and this outfit! Great styling tips too (your reference to an abominable snowman made me laugh and I could just picture it in my head!)
    I probably wouldn't wear overalls, but they look fantastic on you!
    Julia x

  9. These are some useful tips, thanks for sharing and you look good in overalls.

    Bernie, xx
    The Style Fanatic

  10. You look so beautiful your outfit hun <3.....XX, Neha

  11. Such a cute overall!

  12. These are great tips! Definitely will use them because you look so chic in overalls!

  13. Love the do's and don'ts! Also love how you've styled the overalls - very chic! x


  14. Ok Ok I like how you style the overalls. Pretty cool!

  15. Fantastic outfit, I very like your blog, you look amazing :)

    new post

  16. I am way too old for overalls to be honest as I am almost 40 so it's a trend that I wisely skipped. You look so lovely with it though and I love that you shared great tips on how to style an overall.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  17. Great tips there and goodness you look so amazing.You always look so well put together and the overalls totally suit you.

  18. You look great! I love your outfit!

  19. Man, this outfit is really awesome! I love how you styled it, the coat and the hat are just perfect! ;)

  20. Eu tenho usado bastante o macacão.
    Mas como aqui faz muito calor, uso um curto.
    Amei o seu e das dicas também.

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    Conheça também o Breshopping da Dany KIDS

  21. Wow girl! You make this overall so stylish!! Really love how it looks on you so thank you very much for all your styling tips! I hope you have the best week so far! Big Xx Susanne -

  22. You look so chic in these overalls, babe!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  23. I love overalls, but never know how to style them! Therefore, this post was super helpful. Hopefully I can look half as cute as you do in them ;)

    Edye |

  24. Loving all your outfits so much! The overall is super cute 😍 Great styling tips as well will definitely be using those tips :)


  25. Great tips! You pull off the overalls so well!

    Alya / moorizZLA xx

  26. I love this look from head to toe! GORGEOUS as always!
    Happy Tuesday darling!
    Much love, Len

  27. I do love overalls but don't really know how to make it work.
    This is a great post, thanks for sharing!

    Vanessa x |

  28. What a wonderfull look.


  29. These are actually really helpful tips! I've worn overalls once and my boyfriend made fun of me lol. Though I definitely think I styled them wrong. And it's also my opinion that guys really hate overalls and high waisted shorts lol. Anyway, this look is super cute on you and you absolutely nail it. I agree that choosing a colour like black works more. I think overalls can either look totally insane, or really cute and trendy. You just have to wear them right! :)


  30. Obsessed! Love the black overall as opposed to regular denim. You rocked this look. I have those same slides and love them.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  31. You are rocking this look babe! Happy Tuesday :) xx

  32. Overalls are not my thing but I love how you styled it. Great tips!

    Face to Curls |

  33. Great tips! I love the overalls!

  34. Great advice. I really wanted to buy overalls this past week, but didn't because I didn't know how to properly style them. The color is definitely important! Thank you for the help <3

  35. Love how you styled this look. Just finally came to your blog and I love it! Hope you had the best time in LA.

    xx, Amy

  36. Such cute look! nice style! love the overalls!

  37. I love the way you styled the overalls.. Great tips dear.. I also love te obe strap up and one down too.
    Would you like to follow each other on GFC?
    Please let me know on my blog and I will follow back as soon as possible!

    Glowyshoes's blog

    My Facebook


  38. I love dungarees. Especially with uneven strap happenings. Can you even buy them with bell bottoms these days?! Hahahaha.


  39. Great total look and pic

  40. Amazing look, thanks for advices :D

  41. I agree that overalls can be a tricky one to style! Your tips are all spot on and I love how you have styled this black pair! So chic!
    x Emily

  42. So many great do's and dont's for an overall! They are so chic and I can't wait to wear mine when it gets a bit warmer again! Love the idea of buying one in alternative colors. I have two in denim, but thinking a silver metallic pair would be too awesome. And go crazy and do it with neon hahah. Well well, love how you've kept the styling here. The hat makes a great accessory and love the shoes too. You manage to look classic and contemporary, which is a perfect balance!

    Hope you're having a lovely week babe! Xx

  43. this salopette look beautiful
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    have an happy day

  44. I added this post to my favorites! I've been interested in purchasing a pair of overalls so, I will definitely follow these tips! Thanks!! x

  45. You totally killed this post! Love all the tips, and you're so right about going for a different color rather than denim. It makes such a difference!

    xoxo from Napa Valley!


  46. I adore your style!! Love how you styled the overalls with the coat and loafers. Also, La La Land was my favorite and it's so cool how you were at this location!

    ♡ Jaime

  47. These are all wonderful tips! I have yet to purchase my first overalls! Love your blog boo, following! xx


  48. Totally agree with you, wearing overalls can sometimes be a fine line. But I am loving the way you have styled these

    Filipa xxx | Instagram

  49. I love how you styled your overalls and you shared some great modern tips on how to wear them :)

    1. Thank you Candace! I've tried to comment back on your blog several times because it keeps telling me It's spam so it won't let me =(

  50. OMG, I love your styling so much! I finally found someone who gets my fashion tastes, yaay! <3

    Love love love,

  51. Good tips! I didn't know there were tips on how to wear overalls better. Thanks! Btw, you have beautiful photos.

    Xeph | Misadventures


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