I Adore Her Style

For today's post, I am sharing which women I find inspirational when it comes to fashion. I first noticed Socialite Olivia Palermo, watching the reality television show "The Hills" on MTV. Sure, she came off as an unfriendly, back-stabbing, snob, but despite her frustrating personality portrayed on the show, I could not neglect her gorgeous demeanour and impeccable way of styling. 

Jessica Alba has always been an actress whose clothing choices really stood out for me. I love her choice of everyday-wear and she always look so classy and incredibly stylish at events. 

Rachel Bilson and I go way back (not literally) but I have been loving her and her style since her OC days (anyone remember that show)? She and Mischa Barton sold me on Chanel at an early age and I have been in love ever since! Rachel Bilson's style has evolved drastically and I am always excited to see what she wears while running errands (sounds silly doesn't it?). According to Rachel, if you ever have to think too much about an outfit choice, it probably isn't working. Isn't she wise?

Who are your favourite fashion icons? 


  1. I love Rachel Bilson! She's my girl. I love her style! Good picks :)


    1. I love her too! She is so effortlessly chic! Thanks love <3

  2. Speaking of mtv, I've always loved Lauren Conrad's style.

    xo erica

    1. I too love Lauren's style! She always looks so well put together <3


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