NYC Day 1

Hey cyberspace! It's been awhile. Sometimes life takes over and it feels like I don't even have one spare minute for myself. Even though I'm not as present as I would like to be on my blog, I will continue to make the effort to post at the very least after every trip I take.

I recently visited New York and am stoked to share some photos from my travels. Now bare with me.. I took A LOT of pictures and had a difficult time editing down. Everything is so picturesque, it's hard not to go crazy with photos.

On our first day, my friend Katrina and I checked a few must-do items off our list. We started with a bike ride through Central Park. It quickly turned into a bike walk, as you can only ride your bike on designated roads in the park and not through the walking paths.  Next, we satisfied our heat stricken bodies by stopping for frozen hot chocolate shakes at Serendipity's. The day wouldn't have been complete without a race around the Met's plethora of exhibits. Anna Wintour's Costume Gallery was my favorite, inspired by Chinese culture and traditional garb.  I couldn't help but drool over the stunning intricacy of the gowns and haute couture dresses that donned the halls of this exhibit. We crammed New York touristy fun with over 30,000 steps taken all in the first day.

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