NYC Day 2

My girlfriend and I shopped a little bit each day in New York. I made a point to look up boutiques and second-hand stores around the city before I left for my trip. During my online search, I stumbled upon one store that has few locations throughout the city: Beacon's Closet. Similar to Buffalo Exchange, they buy, sell and trade vintage and modern clothing. From brands like Zara and Club Monacco to Rodarte and Givenchy, the store had a variety of mid-range to upscale clothing at very affordable prices. I was delighted to find out the they also have an online boutique! I recently purchased this French Connection dress, which will make a great addition to my wardrobe for the upcoming holiday season.

I couldn't complete Central Park all in the first day, so we visited the Belvedere Castle and Turtle Pond on the second day. The heat was sweltering and I was sweating in places I didn't even know had sweat glands... but it was all worth it =)

We also stopped by JoJo's, a Jean-Georges restaurant located in the Upper East Side. We tried the Lunch Fix Prix menu, which is a great option if you're wanting to experience first class dining without the first class price. I sampled the ricotta ravioli for my appetizer, the slowly baked salmon for my main course and the red velvet cake for dessert. The ricotta ravioli and cake were amazing, but I had a hard time finishing my baked salmon, which could have benefitted from baking just a tad longer.

I never thought of myself as a person that could live in a city as big and busy as New York, but by my second day, I was ready to abandon suburbia and contemplate the possibility of city living full-time. New York, you are so beautiful.

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