Poolside Chillin'

I found myself staying by the pool rather than going to the beach on the days that had some rainy periods. If you've travelled to Hawaii, you know that there can be flash rainstorms where it rains very hard, but for only a short period of time. I found it more convenient to be by the pool at the hotel so that I could make a quick escape indoors if it started to pour. 

I always promise myself that I won't get a burn when I travel to hotter destinations, but it always seems to happen! This time, I think the wind and cooler weather tricked me and I wasn't as diligent in re-applying sunscreen. Look at that red chest... ouch! 

1. Bikini top: H&M old similar here
2. Bikini bottoms: Forever 21 similar here
3. Sandals: Tory Burch similar here
4. Sunnies: Prada
5. Skirt: Asos similar here and here
6. Top: Thrifted similar here
7. Hat: Forever 21 similar here
8. Tote: Forever 21similar here

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