Winter to Spring Wardrobe Transition

Top: c/o Sans Souci | Denim: Zara | Coat: Similar | Shirt: Similar | Boots: Zara similar | Bag: Gucci 


There is one word to describe the weather we've been having in the lower mainland lately: unpredictable. It's warmed up, cooled down and snowed all within the month of March! Isn't Spring Break suppose to start next week? And I would totally get it if Vancouver expected snow on a regular basis, but we maybe get 1 or 2 snow days a year, if that! To say the least, I'm more than done with the white stuff and can't wait until it warms up even just enough to wear open-toed sandals. Until then, I've started thinking of ways to transition Spring clothing into my wardrobe and still feel functional and warm enough to go outside. Today, I'll be sharing 5 ways to transition your winter-wear into spring-wear. 

1. Layer your Spring tops. Oh how badly did I want to wear this velvet cold shoulder top out? I wasn't going to let the chilly weather stop me! You can pair your cold shoulder tops or camis with a long-sleeved shirt for extra insulation during those colder Spring days. 

2. Opt for bright colours or floral prints. Rather than styling an all neutral outfit, add a pop of colour like pink or yellow or a fun floral print to your ensemble.

3. Don't put away the booties. I actually wear my booties all year round. That's why I have no problem investing in my booties because I know I can take them from one season to the next. I'll even pair my booties with my favourite spring and summer dresses. Stay tuned for some styling tips on this later this week!

4. Wear a transitional coat. Okay so faux fur may not seem like the most appropriate coat to take into Spring, but I don't care. With how cold the weather's been, I'll be wearing my faux furs as long as  I can. Fashion is all about breaking some rules right? Oh and if you're looking for a more appropriate coat to take into Spring, you can read my last post on styling a classic trench here

5. It's all about the denim. Your frayed hems, distressed pairs and mom jeans will all transition perfectly into your Spring wardrobe. Stay tuned for more tips on how to style you denim for all occasions - it's going to be a fun series! 

How are you taking your favourite Winter pieces into Spring? 

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  1. Love the pink velvet! I just featured a pink velvet jacket for Spring on my blog!


  2. Wow!Such a nice outfit, you look so amazing! Love your bag! xoxo

    April of:

  3. your outfit is fantastic!! you look gorgeous, dear! and thanks for those helpful tips!

    have a great day!

  4. Hi Rina, I fell in love with this look on IG already. I love the fur coat and the cold-shoulder top. It is just amazing how you styled them. Thank you for sharing your tips, sweetie!

  5. I love layering all my spring tops, helps me look the part but also keeps me warm as it's so cold still! I really like your top here, such a pretty shade :)

    Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog
    My Instagram | Instagram

  6. Your velvet top is beautiful and I like how you've layered it up here :) Hope that you get some warmer weather soon!

    Away From The Blue Blog

  7. You look wonderful :)
    I am delighted with your fur :)

  8. Some great tips babe! I wear my boots all year long too.. Can't seem to put them away! Such a fab look.. obsessed with that coat!
    x Emily

  9. Loving the touch of velvet and fur! Great ensemble

    Funmi x

  10. Hola muy buenas tardes!
    Qué guapa te veo, las prendas velvet me encantan y tú top es precioso al igual que el abrigo, love it.
    Un besazo

  11. Amazing look! Gorgeous!

    xxx, Eva

  12. I wear my boots all year around too! Hahah they're too chic and good to ignore during the spring/summer months. And yes to layering the spring tops, haha I think you'll like today's post! Hope you're having a lovely day gorgeous! Xx

  13. Love this glam look Rina! The fur and velvet are gorgeous together and I adore the layering. Your styling is spot on!

  14. love this look, that velvet top is perfect!

    xoxo, Sakura

  15. Your mom jeans and your velvet top are a great fashion combo!
    Kisses, Paola.

  16. It's always acceptable to wear faux fur as long as you're not burning hot. That's what I like to think at least. Love this look. :]


  17. Flawless look, babe!! I love the coat!
    Adi xx

  18. Love how you style this babe, it's so bold and edgy! <3<3

  19. Great tips my dear!!! You look fab in this styling, I love your velvet top :-)

  20. perfect look :)

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  21. Love this coat!!! Such a stunning outfit altogether :D

    xx Sofia | SOFIAADOT

  22. Oh Rina, you always nail it, girl! Layering a pink spring top with a furry winter coat is just such an inspired combo. I love all your tips above, and now rummaging through my spring tops to find one to layer! Thank you for the inspo, gorgeous. xx

  23. That fluffy coat is so cool
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  24. love you! beautiful girl! <3

  25. soo pretty and I want that bag!!xxxo

  26. I think layering makes our pieces so much more interesting!!
    Love the color combo too Rina!

  27. I feel you, girlie, I'm so done with the cold weather and snow. We haven't had that much snow this year, but two is enough and now they're predicting another one this weekend, not happy! Anyway, I love your suggestions for adding spring elements to an outfit to visually lighten up a winter outfit and add some spring vibes. I love how you've layered your velvet cold shoulder top and the addition of that fur coat makes it that much more luxe! Thanks for sharing and I hope you have a great day, girlie!



  28. I have always loved the look of velvet, whether it be velvet tops, pants, or skirts..ahh it is just so pleasing to look at! In fact, it's crazy that I don't own any velvet clothing, I need to get my hands on this pink shoulder top! xx

  29. I love the combination of textures. Your velvet top is so cute!

  30. I am all about wearing booties all year round too! They're super cute with summer dresses :) I hope the warmth reaches you soon, but until then keeping rocking the layered look! You style it so perfectly!

    Kayla |

  31. I love this look! The Gucci bag is goals.

    X Merel

  32. I was all for the spring outfit, but I can only dream about it right now. Today, I had to do some serious shoveling. However, I do get to still wear my faux fur coat. And, I'm loving your coat.

  33. I love your layering, such a stylish look! I totally agree on the boots, I wear them every season! I hope you're having a great week!

    Much love,
    Marianne x

  34. Love the velvet paired with the faux fur! xx

  35. I agree with the faux fur, some people pack their fur coats after February but I like to keep it around too. Especially my faux fur vest which you can really take into late spring and not even worry about looking odd:)
    kisses Sharka

    1. So true Sharka! I'll be wearing it as long as I can =P

  36. Love the layering!! Obsessed with your bag.

    Thanks for sharing it with us. 💛

    Happy Monday Doll! Kisses,

  37. I love this.. and I agree, denim is perfect for pretty much all year round! I am really glad I found your lovely blog too, I would love to keep in touch.. it is great to make new blog friends! x


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