Mom Life Update + Spring Outfit with Le Chateau

It's my first post of the New Year and for good reason! I've been busy keeping up with my 7 month old boy, yes 7 months! I can't believe I have a 7 month old. When did I even become a mom? Oh that's right, 7 months ago!

Some days I still feel like it hasn't really hit me... then I see his beautiful brown eyes look up at me while he gives me the biggest smile and my heart feels so full. 

As happy and fulfilled as I feel, it doesn't take away from all the challenges that have also come with becoming a new mom. To say I was not prepared for this new chapter is an understatement. There is no way I could have really known what being a new mom would be like until I was living it. I thought that by being relaxed and just "going with the flow," things would simply fall into place and work themselves out. But in so many ways, that wasn't the case. 

To put things into perspective, I'm a Registered Nurse, Public Health Nurse specifically, which means my job is to help new moms adjust to the postpartum period. Breastfeeding support, weight checks, emotional support and immunizations are just some of the few ways I help new moms out. Even with all that background knowledge, it still could not prepare me for the latching issues, sleepless nights, mom guilt, crying for no reason, crying for good reasons, anxiety and frustration that came along with my new role. And you know what? I'm okay with that. I'm okay with not being able to predict what my day is going to look like and I'm okay with not being fully prepared to handle and tackle each concern or question that comes up as my little guy grows, changes and develops. Because it's all about growth, taking it one day at a time and enjoying what I'm experiencing in the moment. Yes it would be nice to be able to get through a pile of dishes without my little guy crying out for me. But one day he won't cry out for me and that thought really hit me hard on one particular day. After that, I literally could not let my little guy go. One day he won't need me every second of everyday but he needs me now and I'm going to use this time to smother him with as many kisses and cuddles as I can. 

So if it takes a little longer to hear from me on the blog or see a post on Instagram, know it's because I'm enjoying every little second of my boy needing me while he still does =). 

Now I'm so excited to share with you all a Spring look with Le Chateau that I'll definitely be sporting in the office once I return to work from maternity leave. I've been wearing sneakers with everything  because it's just not realistic for me to wear heels much ATM. I'm also loving the mix of dressy and casual and the sneaker/ skirt combo does that for me. 

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