How to Appear Taller than You Are

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Whether it be genetics, or my prayers in middle school asking to remain shorter than all the boys in my grade, I stand tall (or short) at 5"2. I always like to appear taller than I am and I've actually been able to trick my friends and co-workers into thinking I am. To all my petite girls out there, today I'll be sharing a few tips on how to appear taller than you are. And if you happen to be one of the taller girls out there, be thankful you don't need the following shenanigans to help you because you are naturally blessed =)! 

1. Always wear a heel (even a subtle one). I'm rarely in completely flat shoes. Most of my shoes and boots have a heel, even if it's the slightest one. Sometimes I'll opt for sky-high heels but I'm always conscious of the shoe support. The last thing I want is to purchase a shoe I can't even wear out for an evening because it's too painful! *Style Tip: Choose a platform heel that provides both height and support so your feet aren't singing after only a few hours of wear. 

2. Choose high-waist bottoms. Most of my jeans and skirts hit just below my belly button. A high-waist bottom elongates your legs and keeps you looking lean!

3. Your hemline deserves attention. If you choose a hemline that is too cropped, it may cut you off and make you appear even shorter than you are. Since I'm quite short, most "cropped" pants fit as a regular pant anyways (see above =P). 

4. Ensure the fit of your clothes is proportionate. If you're choosing a loose-fitting top, pair it with slimmer pant. If your entire outfit has a relaxed fit, add a heel for extra height. 

5. Pay attention to your posture. I know this tip isn't about clothes but this has really helped me appear taller and more confident overall. I had the worst posture and my husband would always poke my back and tell me to stand up straight. After many years of consciously correcting myself, I can naturally stand tall and look taller doing so! 

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Do you have any tips or tricks for looking taller with what you wear? 

This post is brought to you by Shola. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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  1. love this pants, look very glam
    new outfit <<< Kammi calzature >>>
    have an happy day, kisses

  2. Those jeans are too cool. Amazing look

  3. I love those fringed pants!

  4. What great photos! Stunning look!

  5. Great post and tips! I love these jeans, you look stunning!

  6. I'm using the same tips because I'm not very tall. You look amazing in this outfit dear.I love your belt and shoes :-)

  7. I'm loving this outfit, girlie! The fringed hem on these jeans are perfection and I love the juxtaposition of it paired with the striped wrap blouse, so chic! I also love and agree with all the ships you've shared here on creating a lengthening effect! Thanks so much for sharing and I hope you're having a great week so far!



  8. Some really great tips babe! I am on the short side.. so need all the help I can get!
    x Emily

  9. These jeans are to die for!!! I really like them!! Such a good outfit!

    Mónica Sors

  10. I love your look!!!! <3

  11. Even though I'm quite tall, I still love to look taller hahah. Especially if I'm working a lot of layers of 70s pants I love to add "more height than neccessary". Love platform heels (they're often comfy tbh). Love all your tips babe and that belt, it's so chic! Xx

  12. Love your fringed jeans and those mirror shades are beyond!
    Great tips too x

  13. Ah those jeans, I am in love! You have a really lovely blog here by the way, keep up the amazing work lovely lady! x

  14. I'm tall... but, these are great tips!
    Totally obsessed with your jeans darl!
    Kisses, Paola.

  15. And another tip just for photos, shoot from below or have your photographer get lower then you or squat down. I it will make you look more elongated.

    Allie of

  16. Loved reading this post! Your sunnies are gorgeous <3

    X Merel

  17. I love the outfit and sunglasses!

  18. We are of the same height! Surely it's the question I am asking myself!

    xx Margaret

  19. Fantastic look!
    Have a nice day!
    Gil Zetbase

  20. All of this is so true! I'm 5'2 as well and sometimes its tricky! Also, love this look!
    xx Leah

  21. This post is just amazing!!
    Great tips :D
    Thanks for sharing this with us!
    Have a lovely weekend

  22. I am even shorter, I stand tall at 5"1 so these tips have been very very useful. Thank goodness the high waist pants are back in trend. Early 2000 with the low waist jeans were a killer for us petites.
    Thanks so much for sharing your tips darling.
    Have a great Friday!
    Love from

  23. You look amazing in this style

  24. Can I have those pants look fabulous!!

  25. Girl, you've TOTALLY mastered looking tall!! You totally rock it at 5'2! I'm not the tallest either, so I am a HUGE fan of high waisted bottoms as well! And a good (comfortable) heel :)

    xx, Amy

  26. Good pictures and I like the shoes, have a good day

  27. Ohh these tips are the best!! Even though I'm not per se petite, I always want to look longer! Thanks for sharing babe!! And your outfit is amazing! Big Xx Susanne -

  28. The pictures are gorgeous :)
    Wonderfully you look :)

  29. You look Nice! I loved your pants haha ♡

  30. I love the combo with the belt and those fringes! Just lovely
    All the best,
    xx Grace from

  31. Hey love! It was great finding out that I'm not the only one standing tall at 5"2! :P And I couldn't agree more with all your tips! Also, I used to think that I can't wear maxi or midi dresses because I'm short, but now it's mostly what I wear! You just have to make sure you have the right shoes (elevation) to go with it!

    xoxo from Napa Valley!


  32. Perfect total look

  33. Awesome tips! Love the way you put together this look. So edgy and beautiful! :)

  34. You're totally rocking this look girl. I love the fray trim of your jeans and your shades look so retro and cool.


  35. Esos pantalones me encantan y tus zapatos, guapísima.
    Un besazo.

  36. I had no idea you are 5'2 girl! I think you definitely know how to appear taller and I think especially the high wasted styling and shoes on comfy heels is the safest option how to gain few inches!
    You look lovely, great shoes btw!
    kisses Sharka

    1. Haha yes! Camera tricks and clothing can do wonder hey! Thanks babe!

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